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Child Health and Safety Radio

Changing Habits:

Providing Healthier School Meals
Diane Pratt-Heavner and Malcolm Goldsmith, Ph.D. with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks


This segment takes a look at school meals, the current laws which govern them and the challenges of promoting and providing healthier food in schools.

Diane Pratt-Heavner is Director of Media Relations for School Nutrition Association, a non-profit professional organization representing 53,000 school nutrition professionals working in all 50 states. Malcolm Goldsmith, Ph.D., CHES, FAAHE is the Executive Director of the American Association for Health Education.

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Second Opinion:

Treating Children With Head Lice
Richard Pollack and Suzanne Hayes with Charlotte Hendricks and Linda Smith

pic In this segment, we separate fact from fiction about treating head lice infestations in children.  Our guests also discuss the wisdom and efficacy of maintaining a "no nit" policy for schools and child care.

Dr. Richard Pollack is a public health entomologist (a specialist in bugs that bite and infest people).  He has degrees from Cornell University, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the University of Pennsylvania.  For more than 21 years he has been a researcher and teacher at the Harvard School of Public Health.  Suzanne Hayes is a School Nurse at Screven Elementary serving grades preK - fifth.

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New Trends:

Risky Child Behaviors with Legal Substances
Donna Funderburke-McKinley and Malcolm Goldsmith, Ph.D. with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks 
pic Young kids and teens have historically pushed the envelope with risky behaviors at some stage in their development.  But today's youth are taking risk to a whole new level with substances that are legal, but can be as dangerous as illicit drugs.  These substances are readily available to even young children.  Some are found in your own kitchen.

Donna Funderburke-Mckinley, Certified Christian Life Coach has dedicated the past 30 years to promoting public awareness and parental education on issues involving child safety, parenting, and youth culture; Malcolm Goldsmith, Ph.D., CHES, FAAHE is the Executive Director of the American Association for Health Education.

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Updating Policies:

When and When Not to Exclude Sick Children From Child Care
Captain Tim Shope with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks and Linda Smith
pic There is a general assumption even among many professionals that all sick children should be excluded form child care or school settings.  But our guest today says this belief is misguided and has significant impact on families, providers and even children who can actually benefit from staying in school while sick.  Learn more about signs, including behavior, that may indicate whether a child should be excluded.

Captain Tim Shope is an active duty Navy general pediatrician and Specialty Leader and Advisor to the Surgeon General for Navy Pediatrics stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Virginia.  He has co-edited with Susan Aronson, Managing Infections in Child Care and Schools, now in it second edition.  He is currently one of the Technical Panel Chairs editing the 3rd edition of Caring for Our Children.

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Health 101:

Why School Health Education is More Critical Now Than Ever
Dr. Donna M. Videto and Malcolm Goldsmith, Ph.D. with Charlotte Hendricks

pic Kids today are facing many health issues on many different fronts; in order to be successful in school and in life, knowing how to stay healthy has become a core competency.  But many schools either have no health education program or the program is taught by an untrained facilitator.  This segment explores the challenges and offers solutions.

Dr. Donna M. Videto, CHES, is Professor in the Department of Health, SUNY Cortland.  Dr. Videto is a member of the American Association for Health Education (AAHE) Board of Directors and a past Co-Executive Director of the New York State Federation of Professional Health Educators.  Dr. Malcolm Goldsmith, CHES, FAAHE, is Executive Director of the American Association for Health Education.

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Fighting Back:

The Three Best Ways to Limit the Spread of Germs Among Children
Dr.Will Sawyer with Charlotte Hendricks and Linda Smith

pic Parents and child care providers are warned to avoid spreading germs and are constantly encouraging children to wash their hands.  But hand washing is not enough.  Tune in and learn the three best ways to limit the spread of germs among children in child care settings, schools and at home.

Guest Dr. Will Sawyer is considered the International Expert of true Primary Infection Prevention.  He has a Family Medicine practice in Cincinnati, Ohio and is also a physician member on the Influenza Surveillance Network for CDC.  He founded Henry the Hand Foundation in 1999.

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Sleep Safety:

Seven Steps To Ensure Babies Sleep Safely
Amy Hood Hooten with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks and Linda Smith

Sleep can be a peaceful time for babies and parents in need of a break. But sleep time is also a potentially dangerous time for babies left alone. This segment takes a look at some of the biggest sleep risks to babies, and provides guidance for establishing practices and policies to ensure safe sleep.

Dr. Amy Hood Hooten is the Infant/Toddler & Early Childhood Specialist for Training and Technical Assistance Services at Western Kentucky University. She has worked with Head Start and child care for over 20 years and provides training to Early Head Start programs and their child care partners.

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At Risk Kids:

Identifying Mental Health Issues in Tweens and Teens

Malcolm Goldsmith, Ph.D. and Theresa C. Lewallen, MA with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks

Mental health is perhaps the biggest health issue among tweens and teens today. Obesity, drug use, and many of the high risk behaviors we typically see in adolescence are often just the manifestation of an underlying mental health issue. This segment talks about mental health intervention and services available to students.

Malcolm Goldsmith, Ph.D., CHES, FAAHE is the Executive Director of the American Association for Health Education. As managing director of Constituent Programs, Theresa C. Lewallen, MA, CHES, leads the group responsible for constituent programs, including affiliates, connected communities, Emerging Leaders, networks, and student chapters, partnerships and alliances 
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Fire Safety:

Fire! Will Your Family Know What to Do?
Meri-K Appy with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks

pic Fires often breakout suddenly, unexpectedly and can travel quickly. Now is the time to ensure that your family knows what to do.  This segment covers basics your family needs to know to safely escape a home-based fire.

As president of the Home Safety Council, Meri-K Appy has redefined the organization's mission and strategic vision with a sharp focus on organizational partnerships to reduce home injuries.  Prior to joining HSC, Meri-K served as Vice President for Public Education at the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association.
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Center Safety:

12 Point Checklist for Selecting a Childcare Center
Jonathan B. Kotch, MD, Barbara Hamilton with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks and Linda Smith

pic There are many assumptions that parents hold about child care centers which can prove harmful to their children's health and safety.  This segment offers a useful checklist for selecting a child care center.  Jonathan B. Kotch, MD, MPH, FAAP, is a Carol Remmer Angle Distinguished Professor of Children's Environmental Health in the Department of Maternal and Child Health of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.  He has been recognized as a national  leader in Maternal and Child Health (MCH) by the American Public Health Association.  Barbara Hamilton is the Assistant Director of the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education (NRC), housed at the University of Colorado Denver College of Nursing.
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Home & Summer Safety:

Fighting Bug Bites and the Diseases they Carry
Dr. Kimberly Gran with Linda K. Smith and Dr. Charlotte Hendricks

There are several diseases that can be transmitted via bites from mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers.  This segment will give you a basic overview of the risk, symptoms of disease, and recommendations for treatment.  Dr. Gran also provides practical tips to safely prevent bug bites on children.

Dr. Kimberly Gran is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow at the Children's Hospital of Alabama.  She earned her medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia, and completed her internship and residency in pediatrics at Vanderbilt University.  She is a member of the Southern Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Wilderness Medicine Society.

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Back to School Safety:

Critical Tips for Administering Medications in School and Child Care Settings
Jeannie Edwards, Cheryl E. Smoot & Christopher Hickey with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Teachers, coaches, and child care providers are all subject to dealing with administering medications to students.  Medications may be over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, or emergency medications.  School policies and state policies vary widely and there is much school personnel need to know.  In this segment, our guests discuss essential issues in policy and practice and provide practical guidelines.

Jeannie Edwards is School Nurse and Coordinator of School Health Services for Dawson County School Board, State Director for Georgia Assoc. of School Nurses and National Association of School Nurses Board of Director.  Cheryl E. Smoot MPH, RN, PHN, is the School Health Consultant for the Minnesota Department of Health, Child and Adolescent Health Unit.  Christopher Hickey, Executive Director of the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education, established the Institute for Sport Coaching in 2003 to provide support and direction to the profession.

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Summer Safety:

Protecting Children From Summer Heat Risk
Jan Null and Lorrie Walker with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks and Linda Smith


Every year children die from heat stroke resulting from being left in cars, vans, and buses. Most people are aware of the risks, so the exposure is often accidental. Listen as our guests share tips to avoid placing children in danger.

Jan Null, a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, conducts ongoing research on the topic of Hyperthermia Deaths of Children in Vehicles. This research began in 2001 and is used world-wide by child safety groups, the media, and health community to help save lives. Lorrie Walker has over 20 years experience in traffic safety. She is training manager and technical advisor for the Safe Kids Worldwide Buckle Up program.

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Summer Safety:

Drowning: The Three Greatest Risks to Your Child
Meri-K Appy and Marie Crew with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Drowning is a leading cause of child deaths, and summer activities increase the risks.  This segment covers some of the greatest areas of risks with tips to ensure that your child is protected from drowning.

Meri-K Appy is president of the Home Safety Council (HSC), the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing home related injuries that result in 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits each year.  Marie Crew is coordinator of Safe Kids Alabama.  Safe Kids USA is a nationwide network of organizations working to prevent unintentional childhood injury.

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When Disaster Strikes:

Child Care: What Will You Do If The Unthinkable Happens?
Beverly Schmalzried, Ph.D. with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks & Linda Smith


Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks are disruptive and frightening. But when disasters strike, the anxiety for providers of child care and parents, whose children may be across town and out of communication, is heightened. The best time to think about how to handle a crisis is now. Tune in as we provide practical tips on what providers and parents can do to prepare for the unthinkable. Our guest, Dr. Beverly Schmalzried, developed the “Child Care Must be Ready!” guide, a blueprint to help child care centers and family child care providers prepare for and recover from many types of disasters.


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Exposing Invisible Germs:

How Hand Washing Keeps Kids Healthy
Anna Bowen, MD and Judith Anne Rice with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Multiple diseases which routinely afflict children can be avoided by simply washing their hands.  Be aware of developmentally appropriate ways to help young children comprehend why hand washing is important.  This segment covers the basics educators, care givers and health consultants need to know.

Anna Bowen, MD is a medical epidemiologist in CDC's Enteric Diseases Epidemiology Branch and the Waterborne Diseases Prevention Branch.  Judith Anne Rice is an Early Childhood Family Education teacher.  She has written six books aimed at young children and their parents, childcare providers, and teachers.


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Safety Basics:

Classroom Pets: Selecting the Right Pets and Practices  
Dr. Connie Jo Smith & Dr. Chase Whitworth with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks

pic Exposure to and responsibility for animals and their care can greatly enhance children's early childhood experience.  Selecting the right pet for a classroom is more complex than it may seem.  Risk of disease, knowledge of the animal's needs, state regulations, and care after school and during school breaks, must all be considered.  Tune in and find out what you need to know before bringing that pet to school.

Dr. Connie Jo Smith is President of BECO Consulting, Western Kentucky University Child Care Resource and Referral Director, and an author, trainer, and educator.  Dr. Chase Whitworth is a graduate of Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine and an associate veterinarian at North Shelby County Animal Hospital.


Setting Good Examples:

Healthy Eating Habits, Healthy Kids  
Frank Franklin, MD with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Child Obesity is a growing national problem, impacting increasing numbers of children at earlier and earlier ages. Our guest advises that prevention begins with healthy eating habits and modeling those habits for children begins with parents, teachers and care givers.

Frank Franklin, MD, is a board certified Pediatric Gastroenterologist and Nutritionist, and Professor and retired Chair of the Department of Maternal and Child Health at the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Public Health.


Other Important Links:

Summer Safety:

Protecting Children from UV Overexposure  
David Erickson & Beth Kitchin with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Cases of skin cancer have risen dramatically and sunscreen is a an important part of the solution. But does protection from the sun mean a deficiency in Vitamin D?  In this segment we talk about the basics to protect children from UV exposure while balancing the need and desire for fun in the sun.

David Erickson is founder and president of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Company, and is on the Skin Cancer Task Force for the Colorado Cancer Coalition.  Elizabeth "Beth" Kitchin, MS RD is Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences, University of Alabama Birmingham.


Other Important Links:

Child Care Basics:

Caring For Children With Peanut Allergies  
Dina Clifford & Jody Martin with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic When it comes to peanut allergies uneducated child care providers pose a serious risk to the lives of afflicted children in their care. Understanding the fundamentals of screening for peanut allergies, identifying and responding to allergic reactions and prevention are essential.  This segment covers the basics every child care provider, child care consultant and parent needs to know.

Dina Clifford is founder of Beyond a Peanut, an organization that provides tools and resources for educators.  Jody Martin, with 25 years experience in early childhood, is Vice President of Education and Training for Crème de la Crème Early Learning Centers of Excellence, Corporate Office.

Safe by Design:

Creating Safe Play Areas  
Donna J. Thompson, Ph.D. & Eric Strickland with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Outdoor play areas are supposed to be fun and educational, however, poor design, inappropriate application and lack of proper maintenance can turn a play area into a safety hazard.  Though all play areas pose some safety risks; this segment provides guidelines for minimizing hazards and ensuring that play areas are age appropriate.  Guests also discuss the potential for liability if playgrounds are not maintained for safety.

Donna J. Thompson, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the National Program for Playground Safety.  Dr. Eric Strickland has practical experience in early childhood and elementary settings, and has published extensive research on children's play and play environments.

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Passing the Test:

What Parents Look For In Child Care Providers
What Parents Should Look For  
Linda K. Smith & Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr. with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Listen in before beginning your search for child care.  There are basic questions related to health and safety which every child care provider and parent should consider.  This segment answers these questions from both the child care provider's and the parents point of view.  If you are a child care provider, be prepared to answer the questions informed parents will be asking.

Linda K. Smith is Executive Director of the National Association of child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA).  NACCRRA's mission is to ensure that every child has access to high-quality, affordable child care.  Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr., a new dad, is President of the National Association of Family Child Care, and Director of JCCEO Child Development Services.


Other Important Links:

Keeping Kids Safe:

Safely Managing Pests in Child Care Environments  
Phil Boise & Lorraine Neenan with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Pest problems in child care environments present special problems for anyone caring for young children.  In most cases, pests can be safely managed through simple and consistent techniques, and without chemicals.  In this segment we discuss the latest insights on safely managing pests and providing specific strategies for child care providers, child health consultants, and parents.

Phil Boise is Director of the GreenCare for Children Program in Santa Barbara, CA, where he is working on sustainable resource management and pesticide reduction.  He is also author of the handbook "Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings."  Lorraine Neenan founded Discoveries Learning Center, which is part of the Bright Horizons Family Solutions.  She is President of the Santa Barbara affiliate of NAEYC.

Other Important Links:
Keeping Kids Safe:

Protecting Children From Poisons 
Ann P. Slattery RN, RPh, DrPH, CSPI, DABAT with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
pic Every day hundreds of children are subjected to poisons.  In fact , based on a recent report indicates that every eight seconds someone calls a poison center; half of those calls are regarding children. In this segment we talk with a poison prevention and response expert to get the basics on keeping children safe from poisons.

Ann P. Slattery is a graduate of Stanford University with both Nursing and Pharmacy Degrees; a graduate of UAB School of Public Health with a Masters and Doctorate in Environmental Health/Toxicology; and Board certified Clinical Toxicologist.  She has worked in the Regional Poison Control Center for 28 years.

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