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Books by Dr. Charlotte Hendricks,
Available through Redleaf Press


Do you have questions about common illnesses?  Do  you want easy-to-read information on preventing injuries?  Are you looking for ways to teach parents and families about health and safety topics?

If so HiP on Health® if for you!

This collection of displayable mini-posters and reproducible one-page information sheets provide accurate content on more than 140 key health, safety, and well-being topics.  these tools will increase parent and caregiver knowledge, enhance communication with families, and serve as educational tools for the educators and caregivers you work with.

The field-tested and medically reviewed materials can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Post on bulletin boards or display in common areas

  • Distribute to families as needed

  • Hand out at training events or family meetings

  • Display in staff lounge as reminders and refreshers

  • Incorporate in classrooms to encourage discussions about health with children

  • Include as inserts in newsletters

This resource is available in three formats:  Softbound, PDF, and CD-ROM

  • Place a copy of the softbound book in parent rooms, libraries, and health offices as a quick comprehensive resource.  Review the table of contents for pages to address specific issues.

  • Print information sheets on specific topics as needed.  The CD-ROM version enables you to add you program's logo on each sheet!

To order, contact Redleaf Press.  Click here for more information.

Let's hope that you'll never have to face a natural or manmade disaster at your setting, but if it should happen,  you need to have a plan and be prepared to carry it out.  Nothing is more important than the safety of children.  That's why this Quick Guide is an important addition to your professional library.  Use it to create a personalized plan for each of the disaster scenarios covered in the book - evacuation, bomb threat, need to take shelter, lockdown, extended shelter, transportation emergencies, and an active shooter.  Every individual responsible for the care of children should be prepared to respond immediately and appropriately to disaster situations.  Don't be caught off guard, use this book to help you be prepared for the unexpected.

Designed to help programs create and revise their Disaster Plans, this up-to-date information has been checked for accuracy by authorities on disaster planning and preparedness.  It includes guidance on planning for communication, access to records, parent notification, and working with first responders.  Use this book to train staff and volunteers, and place a copy in classrooms and on vehicles for caregivers and teachers to quickly find a reasonable response to a disaster situation.

Available as softbound and e-book.

To order, contact Redleaf Press.

For more information and to request training contact Dr. Charlotte Hendricks.

Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood and School-Age Settings helps you provide immediate care for children's medical situations, including cuts, bits and stings, sudden illness, choking and allergic reactions.  Designed with tabbed pages, you can quickly find what you need, and the spiral binding stays open in an emergency situation.  Revised in October 2015, this first aid book was reviewed by medical experts for accuracy and ease of use, and includes update CPR guidelines from the American Heart Association.

Place copies in classrooms, vehicles, and children's areas for advice on when to call for paramedics and crucial step-by-step instructions for medical emergencies.  Get tips on injury prevention to help keep children safe and healthy.

Available as softbound and e-book.

To order, contact Redleaf Press.

Please contact Dr. Charlotte Hendricks for more information and for training events on injury prevention.

Learning to lead a healthy lifestyle begins during the early years.  Help preschoolers and kindergarteners develop lifelong healthy habits with the Growing, Growing Strong:  A Whole Health Curriculum for Young Children series.  Each book provides:

  • An overview of the topic

  • Suggested interest area materials and supports for creating the learning environment

  • Learning objectives and vocabulary words

  • suggestions for evaluating children's understanding of the topic

  • More than 30 classroom activities

  • Family information and take-home activities

This set includes one copy each of Body Care, Fitness and Nutrition, Safety, Social and Emotional Well-Being, and Community and Environment.

Age focus:  3-6.  Five softbound books, 88 pgs. each

Available as softbound and e-books.

To order, contact Redleaf Press.

For more information and to request training, contact Dr. Charlotte Hendricks.

Books may be purchased as a set ($59.95) or individually ($14.95 each).

Body Care

Young children are aware of and naturally curious about their bodies.  This health curriculum introduces positive body care habits that will help children learn ways to feel good about themselves and their bodies, prevent the spread of disease, and gain a measure of independence and control in their lives as they learn about their body parts, the five senses, hand washing and hygiene, oral health, avoidance of germs, and taking medicine.
Fitness and Nutrition

Given the recent rise of childhood obesity, the need for health education is needed more than ever.  This curriculum provides more than 30 developmentally appropriate activities that introduce important health concepts, including physical activity, rest and relaxation, and nutrition and eating habits.


The earlier children learn about safety, the more naturally they will develop habits that lead to lifelong patterns of safe behavior.  These activities introduce topics - such as seat belt use, fire and burn prevention, and tobacco and alcohol awareness, and developmentally appropriate ways to help children take care themselves.
Social and Emotional Well-being

Children's social and emotional skills form a critical foundation for learning and wellness that guide them into adulthood and influence how they deal with both successes and adversity in life.  These activities support children as they lean about self-esteem, emotions and feelings, family and friends, and changes in life.

Community and Environment

Children develop a sense of security and self-worth by becoming familiar with themselves, their home, and the world around them.  This curriculum includes thirty-six activities that help children build connections with their community and foster positive feelings about health and safety personnel.

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