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I felt the information was very thorough in the new Food Allergies module and I loved the food substitution sections!  Having several areas from "experts" was an intriguing way to provide information from different angles (for example: Redleaf publications, examples from a childcare agency from S. Carolina, C.D.C. and Child Health).  I loved the additional resources section; I plan on locating a couple of the books you mentioned to have on hand for when the opportunity arises.  I had no idea there were so many books to help children understand their allergies.  I am also going to place a drawing of an Epi-pen on the cabinets where we store them for children who have it prescribed.

Mary Congleton
Head Start Nurse
Fayette County Head Start


We offer 27 different training modules and a variety of downloadable posters and children's booklets.  We continually develop new resources and welcome your ideas.  If you have a specific training need or a suggestion, please contact us.


Is it time for your three-year COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT?  Have you completed your annual update?

Healthy Childcare Consultants, Inc. can help!  To download a sample Community Assessment Questionnaire, click here.

Contact Dr. Charlotte Hendricks to prepare your workplan, develop an appropriate questionnaire, data entry and analysis, research and identify community needs, and compile your COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT Report.







Dr. Charlotte Hendricks will present a full-day, hands-on Workshop on Community Assessments on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.  During the workshop you will walk through the steps to revitalize your Community Assessment process, integrate strategic planning, and increase competitiveness for funding.

In the morning session, you will identify relevant questions and data to meet Head Start and other funding requirements and to enhance strategic planning.  Explore ways to involve staff, families, and community members, and collaborate with other programs and agencies.  You will identify criteria for your work plan, and design cost-effective methods to survey clients, utilize focus groups, and identify resources.

In the afternoon, you will identify challenges, explore practical and cost-effective solutions to data collection, and learn to interpret and categorize data.  You are encouraged to bring a laptop, iPad, or other devices to explore online databases.

To register, visit the NHSA website at www.nhsa.org/events

Date:  Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Dr. Charlotte Hendricks and Michele Pettibone will present a two-part session on Being Prepared for Emergency Situations on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, at the NHSA Annual Conference.

During Part 1 (11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon) participants will discuss types of emergency situations that could affect their programs.  Emergency and disaster situations may be caused by natural, technological, or intentional events.  Training, preparation and practice are essential.  In the Part I session participants will discuss appropriate responses to situations which may require evacuation or shelter.  Presentation includes sample procedures, warning system, communication, facility criteria for shelter and evacuation, and ways to evacuate young children and children with special needs.

During Part 2 (1:30 PM - 2:30 PM) participants will discuss appropriate responses to situations which may require lockdown, and emergency situations while transporting children.  Presentation includes sample procedures, warning system, facility criteria for lockdown, communication, and using community resources.  During Part 2, presenters will also discuss steps for recovery after and event.

Date:  Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time:  11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

For more information, please contact Dr. Charlotte Hendricks at chendricks@childhealthonline.org

ISBN: 978-1-60554-143-3
Publisher:  Redleaf Press ©2013
Author: Connie Jo Smith EdD, Charlotte Hendricks PhD, Becky S. Bennett EdD
Pages: Set of 5. 88 pages each
Binding: Soft Cover
Price: $59.95

Growing, Growing Strong: A Whole Health Curriculum for Young Children

Help children ages 3-6 develop lifelong healthy habits with the Growing, Growing Strong: A Whole Health Curriculum for Young Children series. Each book provides
  • An overview of the topic
  • Suggested interest area materials and supports for creating the learning environment
  • Learning objectives and vocabulary words
  • Suggestions for evaluating children's understanding of the topic
  • More than 30 classroom activities
  • Family information and take-home activities
  • This set includes one copy each of Body Care, Fitness and Nutrition, Safety, Social and Emotional Well-Being, and Community and Environment.

    Age focus: 3-6.

    Click here for more information.

    Training and workshops are available for health and safety topics, including Stress Management and Promoting Mental Health.  In-depth and train-the-trainer workshops are also available on Effective Communication with Families, Preventing Childhood Obesity, and Meeting Health and Safety Standards.

    We can provide keynote and workshops for conference, in-services, and other training opportunities.  For information, please use the click here button or contact us.

    Free Health and Safety Booklets

    Healthy Eating

    An important key to good nutrition is to eat a variety of foods.  Use this booklet to teach children (and adults!) to eat healthy every day.  Nutritious foods, moderation in eating, and physical activity will help children grow strong and healthy.


    Safe Fun In The Sun

    Outdoor activity provides the fresh air and exercise that is important for children's health.  However, too much sun can lead to painful burns, eye damage and skin cancer.  Help prevent these problems by teaching children to be sun safe.  Have fun talking with children and following the sun safe suggestions in this booklet



    FREE Downloadable Health & Safety Booklets

    Teach children about important health and safety topics with these free downloadable booklets.  Use these as teaching aids in preschool or kindergarten, or send home to help inform families.  Downloadable in either black/white or color. Booklets are available in English or Spanish.  Click here to go to the Health and Safety Booklet page. 

    We recently added a new booklet "People who can help me", which is designed to help young children recognize people they can go to for help. 

    Click on the Downloadable Forms link for documents on injury prevention, daily health check, and more. 


    HIP and More Hip On Health® Information Series
    by Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
    Price:  $39.95 Per Set

    Buy both HIP and More HIP -- for $60  (25% discount) Buy full set (English and Spanish) -- for $100  (45% discount)

    Provide families with accurate information on 130 different health and safety topics with these reproducible mini-posters and information sheets.  Click here for a complete list of topics included in each set.  Materials are available in both English and Spanish!

    For more information and an order form, click here.


    Are you looking for ways to teach families about important health and safety topics?

    If so, then HIP (Health Information for Parents) and More Hip On Health® is for you! 

    The samples on the left and right are pages from More HIP on Health®.  Click here for information on these inexpensive and reproducible materials.


    Conference Handouts

    2013 NHSA Annual Conference
    Washington DC

    Emergency Preparedness
    Grab and Go Rope
    Sample Emergency Posters (English)
    Community Assessment
    2013 Community Assessment Summary



    Check out some of the exciting conferences from this past Fall!

    Recent Past Conferences: 

    NHSA Fall Leadership Institute
    September 29 - October 3, 2013, Arlington VA

    Developing and Utilizing Your Community Assessment

    Download Flyer Here

    NAEYC Annual Conference
    November 20-23, 2013, Washington DC

    NHSA Parent Conference
    December 9-13, 2013, Atlanta, GA


    Purchase the entire set of Health and Safety Training Modules and provide your staff and families with quality training throughout the year.  With 27 different topics, you will have ready-to-go training for preservice and inservice sessions, parent workshops, and conference presentations.

    Inventory Reduction Sale!  Training Modules were updated and revised in 2013.  Order any of our Training Modules between now and September 30, 2014 for 50% off regular price!

    Click here for more information on the 27 different Training Modules Available!


    The materials make my job as a trainer and educator easier!  The training modules, training activities, and curricula offer relevant information, practical activities, and a positive approach to health and safety that take my workshops, classes, and presentations to a higher level.  Thank you, Healthy Childcare Consultants, for making resources available specifically for early childhood programs.

    Dr. Marna Holland, CFCS
    Early Childhood Trainer and Parent/Child Educator
    Asheville, NC


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    Child Abuse
    Prevention Month

    Child Maltreatment:  Prevention, Recognition and Reporting


    Click here for more
    information on the
    27 different Training
    Modules Available!

    Caring For Our Children
    3rd Edition

    All our resources and materials are based on national standards and recommendations, including Caring For Our Children, 3rd edition.

    Now available!

    Health and Safety Checklist for Early Care and Education Programs:  Based on Caring for Our Children National Health and Safety Performance Standards - Third Edition is now available on the California Childcare Health Program Website.

    The Health and Safety Checklist for ECE

    The Health and Safety Checklist for ECE User Manual


    Check out our poster page...."Warner Brothers requested permission to use the posters in the "school nurse" scene of their action-thriller Contagion."



    Classroom Emergency
    /Disaster Posters

    English or Spanish




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